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Below is an example of a lost pet alert that goes out to area shelters, clinics, and pet owners in your area who have signed up to be a pet rescuer through the HomeAgain program.  Microchipping your animal, improves your chances of being reunited with your pet should it become lost. If you would like more information regarding the HomeAgain program, click "HERE".


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Dear PetRescuer:

Please be on the lookout for the pet listed below.


Critical Information:
Pet name: Lassie
Species: Dog
Breed: Collie
Primary color: white
Secondary color: black
Other characteristics:
Sex: F
Weight: 50 lbs.
Birth date: 12/18/2004
Microchip number: 1234567
Area last seen: copperfield
Day last seen: 1/27/2007
Click on the link below to access the Lost Pet Poster for this pet, with photo, if available.
(on lost pet alerts there is a link here to click on to see a picture of your pet)


If you think that you have seen this pet, please call our 24/7 recovery center at 1 888 HomeAgain (1 888 466 3242) immediately! Our member guide, below, contains a few quick and easy steps you can take to ensure the safety and welfare of a lost pet.

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Thank you for your help.


HomeAgain™ PetRescuers Member Guide

As a HomeAgain PetRescuer, there are quick, easy steps you can take to ensure the safety and welfare of a lost pet. If you are comfortable approaching the pet, first check for forms of identification. If the owner's contact information is on the tag, call the owner immediately and tell them the location of their pet.

If there is no owner contact information available (or if you cannot reach the owner), call 1-888-HOME-AGAIN (888-466-3242) to report the found pet to the HomeAgain Proactive Pet Recovery Network. HomeAgain dispatchers will help guide you through the process of reporting and reuniting a lost pet with his or her owner.

You are not required to approach the pet or take it into your home or yard. If you decide to take a pet into your care, here are some suggestions:

1. Segregate the pet from your other animals.

2. Provide food and water.

3. Check for signs of injury.

4. Monitor the pet's activity periodically while he/she remains with you.

For more about HomeAgain and pet recovery, visit HomeAgain.com.


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