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Boarding by Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital in NW Houston

Longenbaugh Vet is a veterinarian hospital in NW Houston that offers boarding services. Please call us at 281-856-7023 if you would like to schedule boarding for your pet.  If you are boarding at another facility, we hope the following information will help you choose the one that is right for your pet. Here are some additional questions you should ask your boarding facility. Always ask about their vaccination policies. All facilities should require boarders to be current on vaccinations. Of course you ask about the general care and feeding for your pets, but sometimes people assume that a facility plans for the unexpected emergency. Trust me not all of them do. We really encourage you to ask the following questions.

1. What do you do if my pet gets sick?

2. Who will transport my pet to the vet?

3. Who can authorize services for my pet?

4. If your pet is on medication, please ask who gives the medicine, are they trained to do this or does a supervisor check to see that it was done? (Kennel workers need to have training, accountability, and supervision.)

5. Make sure they ask for an emergency contact number and your vet's number!

6. If your pet has medical issues, explain those issues and ask if they are experienced with that type of problem.

7. Do they keep written records about your pet if it becomes sick? (If your pet gets sick and comes for an exam, we need to know how long it has been sick, has it eaten or had water, the activity level. )   

A good facility will welcome these questions and have strict protocols for pets with emergencies. If you have not given us permission to discuss your pet's medical record with a facility, we will not give them any information.

Please be concerned about a facility, if your pet exhibits different behavior after you pick it up from boarding. Does your pet cower when you reach for it, act painful or lethargic, experience diarrhea or vomiting, have no appetite, or seem excessively thirsty?  If your pet has any of these, please contact us.

For more information on boarding services provided by your local veterinarian hospital in NW Houston contact Longenbaugh vet today!