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Is  Your Pet Behavior Putting at Risk of Becoming a Stray? Get Your Pet Chipped - Houston, TX

Pets usually get lost because of pet behavior issues or human behavior issues. Certain puppy behavior and adult behaviors make your dog more at risk for becoming a stray.  Please keep a lookout for these behaviors and discuss them with your Vet, Dr. Keadle.  Puppies need attention. This means activity and discipline.  Loving your puppy is easy, but saying no to the puppy is very difficult.  To keep your puppy safe and to teach him his safe area, start obedience training early.  Be very consistent with your commands.  Have the entire family use the same commands and follow the same rules.

Make sure your puppy gets plenty of play time.  When you cannot supervise your puppy keep them in a safe area.  A crate is a good choice.  Make the crate a fun place for the puppy.  Keep his toys and bed in the crate.  Think of the crate as his playpen.  Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, socialize your puppy by walking him on a leash.  Puppies and dogs need mental stimulation.  They love to get out and sniff.  It is important!  Boredom leads pets to wander off on their own.  Neuter or spay your pet.  If your pet has fears, phobias, anxiety, or separation fears, please call us.  We want your pet to feel safe at home.

Certain behaviors of owners can lead to a pet becoming a stray.  The lack of proper fencing, disciplining, supervising, exercising, and abusing a pet can make a pet want to leave. Owners need to have a plan for their pets in case of a disaster.  From thunderstorms to hurricanes, our area is exposed to disasters.  Never leave your pet in the yard in the event of bad weather.

Pets become frightened and they run away.  Keep locks on your gates to prevent yard crews and service people from opening your gates and letting your dog escape.  Your pet depends on you to keep them safe.

Cats love to roam.  Unfortunately that puts them at risk from returning home safely.  Keeping your cat indoors is the safest answer.  Microchip them in case they get out and become lost.