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Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital | Heartworm Prevention Houston, TX Heartworm Disease Prevention Houston, TX

Once a dog is infected with heartworm larvae it's heart will be damaged forever. 

Mosquitoes carrying heartworm larvae are a problem in the Houston, TX area all 12 months of the year. We provide medicine for heartworm disease prevention in Houston, TX . Heartworm treatment is a necessity not an option. Once a dog has contracted heartworm disease treatments can cost a $1000 or more. The treatment requires several trips to the vet and several months of restricted activity for your dog. Unfortunately some dogs do not survive the treatment.  Dogs that do survive will have permanent pulmonary damage.  However, Heartworm disease is a preventable by regularly administering heartworm medicine.  Please remember to give your dog a heartworm preventative every 30 days. Please call us if your pet has gone more than 30 days without heartworm preventative.  Some heartworm prevention in Houston, TX can be harmful to dogs who have become heartworm positive.  Ask us how to keep your dog heartworm free.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautions pet owners who shop on-line for prescription pet medicines and heartworm preventatives.

Our clients always have the option of having a prescription filled at an on-line pharmacy.  However, some of these pharmacies are not reputable. Many break state and federal law selling counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled, improperly made or stored medications. If you choose to use an on-line pharmacy please make sure your pharmacy is reputable. Remember our pharmacy adheres to all government regulations. We stay up to date on the latest data and research concerning disease and medications by attending regular veterinary education seminars and meetings with our pharmaceutical representatives.