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In Memory of Bucky

Buckwheat 1994-2012

One of our longtime clients brought Bucky to us in 1994. She had found the little black kitten hiding in an engine compartment of a vehicle at the 290 and Eldridge Park and Ride. She brought him to us. Dr. Keadle happened to walk   up front just as our client arrived with him in her arms. She asked if we could take in the kitten. Dr. Keadle took one look at Buckwheat and said with a smile, "Yep he can stay," and that was the beginning of  Buckwheat's  life at Longenbaugh Veterinary Hospital.

We will always remember Bucky exercising by retrieving a treat we had thrown across the room and stalking us when he thought it was time for more treats. We remember that no matter where he was in the clinic, if we opened a can of Fancy Feast in the treatment area, he would immediately come running. One of our fondest memories is when he jumped across the counter onto a client's back because she had a fur coat on and he thought it was "a friend".  Maudie gave him his nickname Buckaroonie, and he would come running when he heard her voice. He loved hunting the birds in front of the clinic through the window and making that weird noise cats make when they do that! We remember him always trying to steal a spot on the best chairs (usually Dr. Keadle's desk chair) and begging for Ms. Laura's fresh chicken or Ms. Dee's treats at the front desk. If he was not happy about waiting for his food, or he had an exam or vaccines, or he just wasn't getting the attention he wanted, he would promptly go urinate on Dr. Keadle's shoes, jacket, office rug or computer bag. We remember him walking up to an open entrance door in the lobby, sniffing the fresh air and quickly turning around deciding he had it too good to walk out of the clinic. Just before closing time Bucky would hide so that he didn't have to go to bed and we would run around looking all over the clinic for him.

You will be greatly missed by many people Buckwheat. You have been such a big part of our lives and hearts throughout the years. What a good friend you were!