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November 2018 Newsletter

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             Save the Date! “Pet Pictures with Santa” Sunday December 2nd 2 to 5 pm. Bring the kids and pets for a free picture with Santa. We will email your picture to you within 48 hours. This has become an annual tradition for us. We couldn’t do it without our awesome staff. Our technician Jayce is the photographer, Dr. Keadle plays Santa and everyone else tries to keep Henry out of the refreshments while greeting and helping clients!

           You still have time to bring your pet for a picture in our pumpkin patch! Congratulations to our 2 “Pet Costume” contest winners and 3 runner ups! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Our annual “Help Henry Feed Homeless Pets” pet food drive is off to a good start! We have already received several bags of pet food. Remember, with every donation, we enter your name in our Christmas contest. The winner receives a $25 gift certificate for veterinary services.

             Pets make great Christmas presents! Please remember that puppies should not be exposed to public places until they are fully vaccinated. Standing in line at weekend shot clinics puts your puppy at risk because you know nothing about the other pets in line and the exams are not thorough. Diseases like parvo and distemper are very contagious and cause severe issues and even death. Our receptionists are trained to ask questions when booking appointments because we want to create the safest environment for your pet; therefore, we don’t have an appointment app or on-line scheduling. They alert the technicians immediately when appointments for pets with symptoms for parvo, distemper, flu or other highly contagious diseases are made. The staff prepares in advance for these appointments.

             Your pet is a member of your family. Regular veterinary exams help keep your pet healthy. Vaccinations are important, but the exam and the questions Dr. Keadle asks about your pet are even more important. He looks for hidden lumps and bumps and listens to you about the changes in your pet's behavior that might mean a problem. Our pets can’t talk, but they can tell us in their own way something is wrong. A dog that quits following you upstairs at bedtime could mean he has joint pain. Maybe they stop greeting you at the door. I know my black lab is not feeling well when he stops jumping up and stealing food off the counter. Pets age more quickly than humans. Regular twice-yearly exams can help us diagnose a problem early which usually means a better prognosis and hopefully less costly treatment.

               Please visit our website at ww.longenbaughvet.com for more information. Click on our holiday safety information tab for tips to keep your pet safe during the holidays.

Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving   closed Thursday November 22 and Friday November 23rd

Christmas    closed Monday December 24 and Tuesday December 25th

Opening December 26th from 12pm to 8pm

                                                           New Year’s    closed December 31st and January 1st


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