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     October Newsletter



        Harvey has gone, but many people are still dealing with putting their lives back together.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Harvey.  We started our annual holiday, “Help Henry Feed Homeless Pets,” pet food drive immediately after the hurricane.  Most shelters are at capacity and will be for many months; therefore, we will continue to accept pet food donations through December. 

        Usually September is senior pet month, but this year Harvey created too many problems for people including us!  Discount pricing for certain senior services will begin October 1st.  Pets 7 years and older are considered seniors. Pets can’t always tell us something is wrong.  Senior screens which include blood-work, urinalysis, and diagnostic imaging are designed to help us diagnose diseases such as kidney, heart, diabetes, thyroid, and cancer early.  An early diagnosis usually leads to a better prognosis.  Last January Dr. Keadle did a senior imaging screen which includes an abdominal ultrasound and x-ray on Henry, age 10, with his yearly exam.  To our surprise, he found a mass, an aggressive form of abdominal cancer with a poor prognosis.  Henry had no symptoms.  Most cancers are usually not detected until they invade a major organ, making the disease more difficult to treat. After having part of his intestine removed and taking chemo for months, Henry is in remission.  In January I was told he might only have 6 months, but the specialists believe finding that mass before it spread to a major organ made the difference for Henry.  He turned 11 on Wednesday September 20th.  During October we offer discounts on senior screens, dentals, spays, and neuters. If your pet has a lump or bump, take advantage of our 20% discount on aspirates and cytology for all age pets during October.  Please call us to find out more about all our senior screens and discounts.

            October is also cat month! We have discount pricing on house calls for cats, and other cat services! Many cat owners think cats do not need regular exams or vaccinations. However, Harris County law requires all cats (even indoor only) to be current on their rabies vaccination.  Cats are very good at hiding disease.  Sometimes the only way you know they are not feeling well is a change in their behavior. Exams are crucial in order to make sure your cat has the healthiest and highest quality of life possible.   Regular exams can help us recognize and reduce factors that may be health risks.  As your cat ages, they will experience many physical and behavioral changes.  Their immune system is not as strong; therefore, many cats will develop chronic diseases.  Detecting and diagnosing disease as early as possible may correct or delay the progression of disease, and improve or maintain the health of your cat.    Please call us at 281-856-7023 if you would like to make an appointment for your cat.

           Pet insurance has certainly helped with Henry’s treatment.  There are so many pet insurers today.  We advise our clients to research and find the one that best satisfies their pet’s needs and the family budget.

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