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Dental Month Discounts are here!

January is almost over and that means Valentine's Day is almost here!

Valentine’s Day means chocolate!  Lots of chocolate!  PLEASE REMEMBER CHOCOLATE IS TOXIC TO PETS!  A bag of chocolate means lots of fat and sugar which can cause pancreatitis in pets.  In the case of pancreatitis, it is the high fat that causes the disease.  Chocolate is toxic because of the theobromine content.  Your pets can experience the following symptoms if they eat chocolate:

Vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, tremors, seizures, racing heart rhythm progressing to abnormal rhythm, and possibly death in severe cases.

If your pet eats chocolate, please call us immediately. After hours please call the Animal ER of Northwest Houston at 281-304-0039.

February is also National Pet Dental Month.  We have special pricing on dentals during the month of February.  Please remember that 78% of pets have periodontal disease by age three.  This is a silent disease in the beginning, but it eventually leads to a very painful problem for your pet.  Left untreated, periodontal disease can cause chronic pain, infected gums, missing teeth, and bone loss. Also oral bacteria can cause infections in the heart, liver, kidneys, and lymph nodes.   Good dental cleaning habits such as brushing, yearly cleaning, and antibacterial rinses and chews have been scientifically shown to extend a pet’s life by an average of THREE years.  Call us today to schedule your pet’s dental! 

Now is the time of year that clients start asking about heartworm preventative.  Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitos, and unfortunately in our area, mosquitos survive all year. They even sneak into our homes, and bite our pets.  Pets need heartworm preventative every 30 days!  Since there are so many preventatives available, how do you choose which is the best one?  Please call and let us help you choose.  The best product is the one that meets your pet’s need.  All pets have individual needs.  We are happy to explain all the different products and discuss your pet’s individual needs.  Certain heartworm preventatives can be harmful to a pet that has heartworm disease.  If your pet has been off  heartworm preventative, please call us before restarting a preventative.

Be sure you treat your pets monthly for fleas and ticks.  Consistency is the key to prevent an infestation of fleas and ticks in your home. Please call us if you have any questions about flea and tick problems.

If you need a refill on a heartworm preventative or any medication, we ask that you please give us 24 hours notice.  Dr. Keadle reviews your pet's record before he approves any pharmacy refill request. You can now order from our on-line pharmacy and have your products delivered to your door.  You can also order single doses of Heartgard and Nexgard.